About Me…

A little about me? We’ll I am little for a start but that doesn’t mean my voice is…
earning me the nickname “the little lady with the big voice!”
I first took to the stage in the chorus of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ at the local theatre, followed by a small part in a play called “the Dover
Road” and even sang in ‘The Mikado’ … They do say variety is the spice of life!
My professional career began at sixteen providing backing vocals
for well known artists and recorded a musical for Radio 4 called ‘Sunken Gold’
featuring Judi Dench in the lead role.
Whilst living abroad I sang in many interesting and varied venues which certainly
helped me to hone my craft ( in other words deal with any eventualities… and I did!)
As lead singer for a top dance band I performed all over the UK and
abroad including the Far East and supported various high profile
I enjoyed testing my skills as a singer recording many jingles for radio stations and was lucky enough to work with well known composer Anne Dudley on one of her many film soundtracks.
I am a member of Equity (keeping a firm hold of my card!) and for at least 10 years I have been making the most of helping others to improve and enjoy their voices for whatever purpose, especially those encountering specific difficulties as I love nothing more than when my clients find they are ‘Speak’sing Easy’!

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